The Effect of Holy Quran Audio Therapy on Depression and Anxiety Among Jordanian Patients Following CABG: A Randomized Control Trial

The Open Nursing Journal 06 December 2023 RESEARCH ARTICLE DOI: 10.2174/0118744346262682230921094004



The positive outcomes of the CABG procedure are affected by several factors, including the patient’s psychological status, measured by the level of depression and anxiety. The prevalence of depressive symptoms among Jordanian post-CABG patients is high. However, clinicians do not consider anxiety and depression and their impacts in the daily screenings. The effects of non-pharmacological interventions ( i.e. Holy Quran Audio Therapy and Music Therapy) on anxiety and depression have been investigated in some cardiac populations, although no single study was designed specifically to investigate the effect of Holy Quran Audio Therapy on anxiety and depression post-CABG.


To examine the effect of Holy Quran audio therapy on anxiety and depression among Arabic-speaking post-CABG patients.

Materials and Methods:

A randomized controlled trial was conducted among 165 post-CABG ICU patients at four major hospitals in (in Amman), (Jordan). They were randomly distributed into control (N = 83) and intervention (N = 82) groups. The intervention group received Holy Quran audio therapy on two days (typically the second and third days after CABG, when patients were alert and not intubated). The therapy session was of ten minutes duration, with four hours in between sessions. Depression and anxiety were measured at baseline and follow-up using the Depression Anxiety Stress Scale. Independent and paired t-tests were used for data analysis.


Holy Quran audio therapy was linked to statistically significant positive effects. In which Intervention group of patients displaying lower mean depression and anxiety levels compared to the control group (M [SD]; 8.82 [6.35] vs. 13.38 [5.52]) (M [SD]; 6.26 [1.59] vs. 7.48 [3.44], respectively).

Implications for Nursing:

Holy Quran audio therapy is a non-invasively and non-pharmacologically intervention that might be used to decrease depression and anxiety.


Holy Quran audio therapy significantly improved post-CABG patients’ anxiety and depression and is recommended for Muslim patients to improve their psychological status.

Registration Number:

The clinical trial studies have the registration number NCT 05419554.

Keywords: Anxiety, Audio therapy, Depression, CAD, post-CABG, Quran recitation.
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