Recovery-oriented Programmes to Support the Recovery Approach to Mental Health in Africa: Findings of PhD: A Scoping Review

The Open Nursing Journal 27 Mar 2023 RESEARCH ARTICLE DOI: 10.2174/18744346-v17-230223-2022-152



Researchers in the field of mental health and people living with a diagnosis of mental illness advocate recovery-oriented mental healthcare approach. Most developed countries have adopted the recovery-oriented approach in mental health facilities to care for people diagnosed with mental illness. However, Africa is left behind in implementing and adopting such a model of care.


The objective of the review was to explore the global literature on recovery-oriented mental healthcare programmes, where they originate, are implemented, as well as identify gaps in the literature for further research.


The scoping review utilised a refined framework of Arskey and O'Mally (2005) by Levac et al. (Levac, Colquhoun, & O'Brien, 2010). Different databases were systematically searched, and The PRISMA Flow Chart was used to select the articles included in the review.


From the initial 560 identified papers, 31 met the review’s inclusion criteria. The results indicated that most recovery-oriented programmes were developed in well-developed Western countries. It was evident from the included studies that the recovery-oriented mental healthcare programmes were effective for and appreciated by people diagnosed with mental illness. None of the identified and included studies discussed any developed recovery-oriented mental healthcare programme in Africa.

Implications for Nursing:

Nurses need to understand and implement the latest treatment modalities in mental health practice, and recovery-oriented care is one such practice.


The review established that most recovery mental healthcare programmes are from Western high-resourced countries and have proven to be effective and appreciated by people diagnosed with mental illness. At the time of the review, no study indicated that a recovery-oriented mental healthcare programme was developed in the Sub-Saharan African context. Therefore, this calls for Africa to develop and implement a recovery-oriented programme to meet the mental health needs of people diagnosed with mental illness.

Keywords : Recovery, Mental illness, Mental health, Recovery-oriented mental healthcare programme, Recovery approach, Recovery programme.
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