A healthy workforce is essential for sustainable healthcare systems, disease control, and the provision of quality and safe healthcare services. Insomnia is a common problem among critical care nurses attributed to the hard nature of their work, long and irregular shifts, high levels of stress and tension, and exposure to traumatic situations associated with critical care environments. These issues compromise their professional and personal lives, have financial consequences for health organizations, and may reduce the quality of care provided to patients.


To assess the prevalence of insomnia among ICU nurses and determine its impact on their Quality of Life (QoL) and work productivity.


This cross-sectional study involved 430 ICU nurses working in three major governmental hospitals in the United Arab Emirates. Nurses were selected via convenient sampling. Data collected included nurses’ demographic characteristics, insomnia levels using the Athens Insomnia Scale, work productivity using the workability index, and QoL using the World Health Organization Quality of Life Scale-Brief questionnaire


Approximately 237 (55%) of participants reported moderate to severe levels of insomnia, and 195 (45.3%) had moderate productivity levels. However, the majority of participants reported low QoL levels in physical, psychological, social, and environmental QoL domains (61.4%, 60.2%, 47.2%, and 70.5%), respectively. Bivariate correlations demonstrated a significant negative relationship; correlation coefficient of -0.517, between participants' insomnia levels and work productivity levels. Additionally, significant negative relationships were found between insomnia levels and the QoL domains, with correlation coefficients of -0.629, -0.568, -0.469, and -0.485, respectively.


This study found that insomnia has a negative relationship with ICU nurses’ work productivity and QoL. This may impact care delivery patient care and safety.Regular counseling sessions, better working hours, less overtime, and a better work-life balance may contribute to increased productivity and improved QoL among ICU nurses in the UAE.

Keywords: Insomnia, Work productivity, Quality of life: ICU nurse, Workforce, Nurses.
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