Audiovisual Technology for HIV/AIDS Prevention in the Elderly: Production and Validation

The Open Nursing Journal 04 Oct 2023 RESEARCH ARTICLE DOI: 10.2174/18744346-v17-230925-2023-25



The elderly population is vulnerable to HIV/AIDS, but there is a lack of educational materials for prevention specifically tailored to this age group.


This study aims to validate an educational audiovisual technology for HIV/AIDS prevention in the elderly.


The study consists of two stages. The first stage involves developing an Educational Video (EV) based on a validated script. The second stage focuses on validating the EV through expert judges in nursing and audiovisual communication/cinema. The video production closely followed the validated script, and recordings were done in three predetermined scenarios. After final editing, the video underwent evaluation by judges who assessed its content and technique using a Likert response scale and the Content Validity Index (CVI). A concordance index of 80% or higher was considered acceptable. Twelve judges participated in the evaluation.


The educational video, the first of its kind nationally and internationally, achieved a CVI ranging from 0.8 to 1.00. The concordance index mostly fell between 80% and 100%. Judges provided feedback, including suggestions and disagreements, which were incorporated to enhance the effectiveness of the EV.


The favorable CVI and positive reception from judges highlight the educational video's potential as a valuable tool for teaching HIV/AIDS prevention to the elderly. It can be utilized by various healthcare professionals in primary, secondary, and tertiary settings to enhance health education practices.

Keywords: Elderly, Aging, Educational technology, HIV/AIDS, Content validity Index (CVI), EV.
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