Proactive Patient Rounding Impacts on Patient Satisfaction in UAE

The Open Nursing Journal 26 July 2023 RESEARCH ARTICLE DOI: 10.2174/18744346-v17-230717-2023-72



The patient experience is an essential dimension of patient satisfaction. An interesting initiative that has been reported internationally is the Proactive Patient Rounding intervention (PPR), a process of proactive, purposeful, directed communication and evaluation of patient needs. It entails visiting and monitoring patients at an interval of one to two hours. PPR implementation has not been evaluated in the UAE, or in the GCC counties.


This study aimed to assess the effect of PPR implementation on patient satisfaction levels.


Post-test quasi-experimental non-equivalent design was used to conduct this study, with a convenience sample of 60 participants from surgical units (comprising 30 control and 30 experimental subjects). The participants were requested to fill out the survey on the 3rd day of admission


The study revealed positive increases in patient satisfaction scores. as the experimental group scores were slightly higher than the control group for most of the satisfaction statements and for the overall satisfaction score (experimental m = 4.6, control m = 4.41). However, the independent t-test indicated that this difference was not statistically significant (sig. 0.161).

This study is useful in directing attention to the influence of PPR on several aspects like patient satisfaction, reduce pressure ulcers, and decrease call light.


PPR interventions are a practical approach for addressing the needs of hospitalized patients, and nurse managers should monitor its implementation to get purposeful patients feedback.

Keywords: Proactive patient rounding, Patient satisfaction, Surgical units, United Arab Emirates, Survey, PPR implementation.
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