Common for all research is the approach that Evidence-based Practice (EBP) is a wide range term and essential for a good patient-centered treatment of health care providers.


Objective of this study is to analyze the level of Knowledge, Beliefs and skills of healthcare workers The Aim of the article was to evaluate and understand the levels of Evidence Based Practice knowledge, beliefs, and skills of healthcare workers in Kosovo.


We used a sample 611 healthcare workers randomly from seven municipalities of Kosovo who works in three levels of healthcare facilities to participate in this cross-sectional survey.


Sixty-five percent (65%) of the participants were female. The mean age of participants was 38 years. 78% of participants were working in the public health facilities. Kosovar healthcare professionals have a lower point on the use of EBP (2.15±0.65), and on attitudes toward EBP (3.60±1.06), and highest points on knowledge about EBP (5.34±1.04). The nurses found to have higher point in the dimension of use of EBP compared to medical doctors (p<0.05). Health workers working in tertiary health facilities had higher points on the use of EBP compared to those working in primary health care facilities in post hoc analyses (p<0.05). Healthcare workers working in primary health care facilities had lower points on the attitudes toward EBP compared to those working in secondary and tertiary health care facilities (p<0.05). Health workers living in urban setting had a higher points of the dimension knowledge of EBP compared to those living in rural area (p<0.05).

Implication for Nursing:

Implication of the study are as following: Raise the awareness of importance to use EBP in health professionals, the research can be used to build guidelines for use of EBP in Kosovo as transition country. Also, will help nurses to provide better services in line with developed countries.


This study shows the importance of the use of EBP, attitudes and knowledge in healthcare institutions and its implementation Evidence-based practice (EBP).

Keywords: Evidence-based practice, Use of EBP, Knowledge, Attitudes, Healthcare professionals, Nursing.
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