E-learning refers to the use of new technologies to deliver distance learning programs. This mode of learning is also considered one of the innovative teaching/learning methods best suited to the current conditions, which entail the suspension of face-to-face courses due to the COVID-19 pandemic to ensure continuity of training, overcome learning difficulties and increase student autonomy and motivation. Our study focuses on this teaching model as an example of an apprenticeship contract, often adopted in technical, vocational, work-linked training. The aim of this study is to measure the perception of this learning contract through e-learning and its impact on learning among multi-skilled nursing students in semester four (S4) of the Professional License of the Higher Institute of Nursing and Health Techniques of Casablanca within the framework of the course of nursing care in psychiatry.


A group of 58 students participated in a survey conducted by questionnaire, with a response rate of 86.20%.


The results revealed that the students had a positive perception regarding the use of the learning contract; according to them, the learning contract approach increases autonomy, motivation and the application of the theoretical courses in practice.


The learning contract offers several advantages as a learning strategy and this has been implemented in different nursing education contexts, which may encourage nursing educators to use this contract more widely in theoretical and also practical teaching.

Keywords: E-Learning, Learning contract, Didactic analysis, Nursing education activities, ISPITS casablanca, Psychiatry.
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