Examining the Mediating Role of Engagement in the Association between Flourishing and Job Satisfaction among Nurses

Emad Adel Shdaifat1 , * Open Modal Authors Info & Affiliations
The Open Nursing Journal 25 Sept 2023 RESEARCH ARTICLE DOI: 10.2174/18744346-v17-230811-2023-76



To assess the impact of flourishing on job satisfaction while examining the mediating role of engagement.


Job satisfaction and engagement are crucial for the quality and retention of patient care. However, the role of psychological well-being, specifically flourishing, in promoting job satisfaction and engagement among nurses is understudied.


To explore whether engagement mediates the link between flourishing and job satisfaction among nurses.


This cross-sectional study conducted in Jordan among 217 nurses aimed to investigate the relationship between flourishing and job satisfaction and whether engagement mediates this relationship. Data were collected using self-administered online surveys, including three instruments: the Flourishing Index, Utrecht Work Engagement Scale, and Index of Job Satisfaction. SmartPLS 3 software was used for the data analysis.


The structural model was evaluated using R2, Q2, and SRMR values, which indicated a strong predictive capability and acceptable model fit. Hypotheses testing revealed that flourishing does not have a significant impact on satisfaction (not supported) but has a significant impact on engagement (supported), and engagement has a significant impact on satisfaction (supported). The mediation analysis showed that engagement fully mediated the relationship between Flourishing and Satisfaction. In conclusion, this study emphasizes the importance of work engagement in the relationship between flourishing and job satisfaction among nurses.


These findings suggest that organizations should focus on promoting positive psychological states and engagement to improve nurses' well-being and job satisfaction. Future research should explore this relationship by using more objective and longitudinal measures.

Keywords: Job satisfaction, Engagement, Flourishing, Nurses, Mediation analysis, Utrecht work engagement scale.
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